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  • Basic Credential Management
  • $19
  • per month*
  • ($229 billed annually)
  • Features include:
  • Upload, store and manage required credentials
  • Submissions processed in 4 business days or less
  • Review and accept facility policies online
  • Manage your account with the Reptrax mobile app
  • Check in and out of participating facilities using your mobile device
  • Credential Management with expedited processing
  • $22
  • per month*
  • ($269 billed annually)
  • PREMIUM features +
  • Submissions processed by the next business day
  • Credential Management, plus a year of access to Reptrax UniversityTM
  • $25
  • per month*
  • ($299 billed annually)
  • PREMIUM features +
  • Access over 15 fully-accredited compliance courses to fulfill all your training needs
  • Automatic and immediate upload of training certificates into your account
  • Certificates are transferable and accepted by all major vendor credentialing systems
  • Best Value
  • Credential Management, Reptrax UniversityTM and expedited processing
  • $27
  • per month*
  • ($319 billed annually)
  • PROFESSIONAL features +
  • Submissions processed by the next business day
*All memberships are annual

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What is the benefit for me and my company?

Most facilities today have found using a vendor credential management company results in both cost and time savings. Reptrax’s membership structure is based on one fee for all facilities. So, when your business expands, you will not pay more to increase the number of facilities in your account. With Reptrax, you only need to upgrade if you are required to submit credentials and you can add all Reptrax facilities in your territory for one fee. We also are in the process of searching for low cost solutions to your needs. We have already partnered with a company to supply background checks and more opportunities are just around the corner.

What is your Refund policy?

Reptrax will refund within 30 days if no actions have been taken on membership or services. To request a refund, call our Customer Service team.

Questions? Call our Customer Service team
(214) 222-7484

Why can't I just use the free base membership?

You are welcome to create a free base membership, and add all Reptrax facilities in your territory to see if you can satisfy their requirements with only a base membership. If your facilities' policies dictate that you need to submit credentials to Reptrax, then there will be the need to upgrade to a Premium account in order to submit those documents.

Who decides what I need to submit?

It is the facility, not Reptrax, that determines what is required.